Traffic infrastructure
The County is located at the intersection of road and railway routes of national and international importance and the Pan-European transport corridors. This natural position makes it ideal for transport and logistics centres, the basis for the economic development; Corridor VII – the international fluvial route of the Danube river, the international port in Vukovar, road and railway Corridor X which connects Western and Eastern Europe, road and railway Corridor Vc connecting Western Europe with South Adriatic, and Osijek airport is within 18 km.

Energy infrastructure
Important energy corridors cross the county ensuring the distribution, supply and efficient use of electric energy, gas and thermal energy. The county is rich in geothermal waters which are excellent, given their chemical composition and temperature, for greenhouses and health tourism.
Vukovar-Srijem County has an abundant supply of water: the northeast is dominated by Danube and Vuka rivers, the river Sava and confluent Bosut cross the County's southern area and there is a number of small rivers like Biđ, Spačva and Studva.

The forests, with the famous Spačva Pool, occupy 70.026 ha, or 28.3% of the total County area. The dominant varieties of trees are Slavonian Oak and Narrow-leafed Ash.
Environmental protection
Vukovar-Srijem County has 1.342 ha of protected area, approximately 0.55% of the total area including three natural reserves, five natural monuments, three significant landscapes, three park-forests and four park architecture monuments.