Adopted Strategy for LAG „Bosutski niz“

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25th of February 2013 a meeting of LAG „Bosutski niz“ was hosted in Ivankovo, where members of the Assembly unanimously adopted a local development strategy. In accordance with the LEADER concept, this document is based on PUR's all LGU – LAG members (Nijemci, Otok, Ivankovo, Vođinci, Stari Mikanovci, Andrijaševci, Cerna and Gradište), the socio-economic situation analysis of LAG areas, the workshop in which made a SWOT analysis of the area and defined goals that contribute to solving problems in the LAG, and the measures that will contribute to achieving the goals.

Local Development Strategy of LAG „Bosutski niz“ has been made by professional coordination of Development Agency of Vukovar-Srijem County Hrast Ltd. and the Institute for International Relations (IMO), Zagreb - in cooperation with the public representatives, economic and civil society, all LAG members, and meets all the criteria set by the Regulations on the implementation of measures 202 – „Preparation and implementation of local rural development strategies“ within the IPARD program. This is very important in the application LAG in the competition for the accreditation and financing of LAG's IPARD funds, which will soon be opened by Department of Agriculture.